Meet The Team

Christine Business Manager

Christine (The Boss) has been with the GoFar from the very start and has steered us through both stormy waters and calm seas!

Andy Operations Coordinator

Now in his sixteenth year with GoFar...Andy not only organises things in the office...He's a dab hand with a brush outside the office too!

Andy Development Coordinator

Andy's job is to develop projects and find funding for both GoFar and our colleagues over at HART transport in Hornsea...He's also partial to a biscuit...or five

Terry Driver

Terry has been with GoFar for many many years. He's also the man to go to when something needs fixing. You can guarantee that he will have something...somewhere in his shed to sort it


Stuart Driver

Stuart is now NOT the newest member of the team (see Justine below) and is well into the "Way of the GoFar" He still likes a clean bus step though

Little John Driver

One of the Johns driving for GoFar...This is Little called because he wasn't as tall as Big John and he's called John. But now Big John has retired...... we'll probably still call him Little John as its easier to remember.


Chris Driver

Chris covers the villages "over the water" and brings them into Goole. Originally from down south Chris is now an adopted northerner


Justine Driver

Justine is the latest GoFar recruit. Outside of driving for us she is a brilliant gardener, makes jams, makes chutneys, organises walks and writes a column for the local newspaper to name but a few...multi tasking or what!!

John Volunteer Driver

Sometimes known as "Middle John" because he wasn't as tall as "Big John" and we already have a "Little John" and....he's called John, but now Big John has retired we may start to call him....John.

Richard Volunteer Driver

Not only does Richard drive the buses....He's GoFars Vice Chair and trainer too...He is indeed a man with many hats! He also loves a good game of cricket...obviously not when he's driving!


Roger Volunteer Driver

Roger drives for us, but he is Gofars resident Entertainment Officer. Whenever we have a fundraiser Roger will be there and knocking out some banging tunes and sometimes he even sings a bit

Graham Volunteer Driver

When he's not driving for GoFar, Graham renovates, refurbishes and re-builds cars. He also goes out on his motorbike and does sudoku...not at the same time



Roy Volunteer Driver

Roy retired from work and came to volunteer with us, then work asked him back so he went back to work, then retired again and came back to Gofar to drive for us again

Robin Volunteer Driver

Robin was a staff driver at Gofar for many a year, then retired and then decided to come back on a voluntary basis. When he's not driving for us he makes use of his caravan to get away





Dave Volunteer Driver

Dave came along to one of our AGM's to see what we were like....and despite what he saw he still volunteered for us

Frank Trustee

Frank was one of the original GoFar Crew when we started. He organised the bookings diary and drivers. He's handed that job on now, but is still involved with us as a Trustee and GoFars very own Monty Don offering advice and reminding us to water the plants in our compound

Ducky, Derek and Family They just live here

This is Ducky and Derek and their three little ones...They don't drive the buses because they don't have a driving licence and because they are ducks

They're sort of our mascots I suppose