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This is where you will find what's been going on at GoFar. Some of the events we've held or been to....Some of the events we are planning....Stuff you need to know about our trips or contract work or stuff going on in the office or just a few daft things to lighten the mood....I suppose really we could have called it the GoFar Gossip a good gossip!  Anyway, read on...who knows what you'll discover

 Latest Lockdown

When the latest lockdown starts on 5th November, we shall still be operating our Medibus service (Monday - Thursday)

At the moment we are continuing with our Home to School contract work. Should anything change we will post on here and our Facebook and Twitter feeds

We are continuing with our shopper services but will be reviewing the situation and guidelines on a regular basis. Shoppers should be aware that queuing systems may be in operation at supermarkets.

Please Note: The Howden Town shopper service will resume on Friday 8th January 2021

Please remember, facemask/coverings are required on our Medibus and Shopper services (Unless medically exempt)

Things may change at short notice and we will keep you informed

Stay Safe 


 Grant Funding

Our thanks go to the Joseph and Annie Cattle Trust for their grant, allowing us to buy PPE for our team here at GoFar. It means a lot to us knowing that people are supporting us through this pandemic. The grant will allow us to continue offering our services to those most in need in our community. Thank you

You can follow the link to the Joseph and Annie cattle trust here (please note links may not be secure)




Help Keep Our Buses Safe

It's great news that a vaccine is on the horizon, BUT...until its here we still need to be careful and we would be extremely grateful if, when travelling on our buses, you could still help to keep them safe. The graphic opposite gives you guidance as to what you can do

Thank you and Stay Safe

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Our vehicles have been getting a bit of an upgrade...they now have screens as an added protection for everything that's going on at the moment.  Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after every run. Our priority is and always will be passenger and driver safety #StaySafe

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A year ago today (7th October 2019) we moved from Bridge Street into our new offices and compound on Carlisle Street. It's amazing what you can do with two former freezer containers and an "Iceland van"

The year has shot past. We're still going despite the current situation and hopefully we'll be here for a while longer yet

 AGM - 2020

On Thursday 3rd September, we held our 16th AGM....via Zoom. Social distancing meant we could not hold it in our usual venue with refreshments and everyone there. But....after a few technical issues we managed to get everyone there who needed to be there

In brief - After twelve years with us, Martin Crossland has stepped down as Chair. Over the years Martin with his vast knowledge of the charity sector has been a great support to Christine our Manager and indeed the whole team at GoFar. We thank you for all your hard work over the years Martin and we wish you success in whatever comes next

Frank Bryars has also decided to step down as Vice Chair but will remain a trustee of GoFar. Frank has been with GoFar from just about the start of play...organising our bookings system and taking charge of drivers...vehicles and anything else that needed doing really. Well played sir, we're glad you're staying on as a trustee

So a new Chair and Vice Chair have been elected...

Linda Thornton will take on the role of Chair and Richard Berry will become Vice Chair

All our other trustees were happy to stay with us for another year.

You can look at a copy of our Annual Report by clicking here


Funding - The National LotteryCommunity Fund & HM Government

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, will support GoFar over the next six months, enabling us to offer services to our vulnerable and isolated members and bring some form of normality back during this current crisis.  Thanks to the Government for making this possible.

#CommunitiesCan  @TNLComFund  @DCMS 

Two Ridings

We need to say a big THANK YOU to the Two Ridings Community Foundation for the help during the current Covid situation. In these uncertain times, it really does make a big difference knowing someone is there to back you up. Thank you so much

Edward Gostling Foundation

We would like to thank The Edward Gostling Foundation for their kind help during the Covid pandemic. It means so much to everyone involved with                                                                                                            Gofar that they could help us out...Thank You


Brelms Trust

Thank you to the brelms trust for all your support, it really does mean a lot to everyone here at GoFar...Thank you